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Yahoo Mail is Really Secure to Use? | Security Review of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is an email service that was launched by an American company named Yahoo. Jerry Yang and David Filo founded Yahoo in 1994. Yahoo is one of the webmail services provided all over the world. Yahoo was the first webmail service of the 1990s era. This mobile app can be downloaded from the application store for iOS, the Google play store for android, the both versions of this application performs the same functions but are customized to the mobile device operating system.

Are you worried about your Yahoo Mail privacy or Security?

Everyone wants that their personal and professional database to be sheltered. It is possibly undeniably the most popular platform providing multiple features of security. Basically, Yahoo and Gmail Accedi emails are easily recognizable in the yahoo mail interface because they are marked with a purple Y icon. By the way, Yahoo does not even recommend using security questions.

If you are a Yahoo user, you should consider your password settled and should take all the necessary steps to secure your account. You should follow all of Yahoo recommendations like changing your password etc.

Here are a few more tips that you should have in mind.

  • Never reuse passwords

There are many secure password management solutions that work across different platforms. There are really no explanations for not having unique passwords for every single account. If you want a memorable password for essential accounts uses a passphrase. According to Yahoo, this breach happened in Aug 2013, at a time when the company hadn’t yet switched to a secure Bcrypt Password Hashing algorithm. Accordingly, most passwords that were stolen in the form of MDS hashes, which are endangered to crack it.

  • Two Factor Authentication

Turn on “2-factor Authentication”- basically it is also known as 2 steps verification for any account that supports it, including Yahoo. This will prompt the online service to ask for a one-time password (OTP) sent via text message, phone call, email. This code is required in addition to your regular password, but Yahoo also has a feature called Account Key that does work like regular passwords completely, and instead, you require to sign in, approval via notification. Two-factor authentication is an important security feature that could keep your account secure even if hackers steal your passwords.

  • Try not to spare the email that you don’t need.

Because space is no longer a problem with most of the email services, users tend to never delete emails. It’s not a very good idea, because it allows hackers to easily discover what online accounts are tied to that address by searching for sign up or notification emails for various online service providers. Besides uncovering the connection between your email address and records on different sites, sign and warning messages can likewise uncover points of interest accounts names that you have picked and are not the same as email addresses. If you want to consider cleaning in your mailbox to sure emails, reset notifications, and other such communications. Undoubtedly, there might other ways for hackers to find out if you have an account on a certain website or even a number of websites, but make it easier.